Overcoming forgetfulness in your daily life

CooKoo will remind you everything in daily life. You can set reminders along with alarms combine time and location based triggers, and you'll never worry that you may forget.

It's not an issue to be forgetful, as you will be reminded promptly anytime and anywhere. Nothing important will be missed out.

Make your reminders smart

CooKoo offers full configurability, combined time and location based triggers. That way you can get alerts not merely on repeat schedule or at more specific times, but also when you leave or arrive at specific places. Therefore, you get reminded in just the right place at just the right time.

Avoid missing important things

You can choose up to three levels of notification strength upon various reminder priorities. The three different levels represent different snooze times and duration of alarm sound. According to your circumstances, you can choose proper one to avoid ignoring notifications.

Focus on your task

The essence of CooKoo's capabilities do not emphasize setting the complex to-dos but not to ignore your important things. Set "Show this reminder's notifications" in the"CHECKLIST", and you'll see checklist items when the reminder alarm you. Therefore, you know exactly what to do at every moment of your daily life.

Recommend reminders suited you

You can create your reminders quickly according to your common settings. In addition, reminders will be recommended to you based on your use. It's impossible to forget anything with CooKoo. It rememeber all the things that you need so you don't have to.

Share reminders

You can use links to share reminders with family or friends via your preferable apps! It helps others remember all sorts of important things.

Download CooKoo now to keep your life in order

CooKoo is available for iOS and Android.